Wedding trends to look out for in 2023


Hey there beautiful people! It’s a new year and with that of course, that means the rise of new wedding trends! 2023 is set to be a blockbuster year for weddings and couples this year are definitely doing things differently. If you’re attending or planning a wedding in 2023, here is a list of wedding trends to look out for this year: 

  • Bold decor/ styling colours – With the pantone colour of the year set as Viva Magenta, you can expect to see more vibrant uses of colour across weddings this year with couples choosing bold, bright colours in their wedding motif.  This year will see vivid florals and colourful eye-catching tablescapes bursting with character 
  • Maximalist wedding features – In line with the vibrant theme as above, for many couples, it’s go big or go home this year! A lot of 2023 lovebirds will be pulling out all the stops and holding nothing back when it comes to their wedding features. Think smoke bombs, elaborate venues, statement outfits, neon light fixtures, disco balls, champagne towers, and energetic entertainment!
  • Unique food and beverage presentations – This is a trend that is ever-evolving in the world of weddings and this year you can expect to see more interactive food and beverage displays. From fun personalised mocktails/cocktails and multiple funky cultural cuisine stations to next-generation plant-based options and food trucks, the f&b presentation this year is definitely set to wow guests!
Sourced from Pinterest
Sourced from Pinterest
  • Celebrant-led ceremonies – One big trend this year will be shorter, more bespoke wedding ceremonies that are truly tailored to the couple. As many people veer away from religion, you’ll find that celebrant-led weddings are on the rise and considered the in thing. Celebrant-led weddings allow the couple to personalise their ceremony that extra bit more and in a lot of cases, bring a jovial celebratory feel to what can be considered quite a solemn event. 
  • Sustainability in weddings // reuse, recycle, repurpose – With the rise of awareness about climate change and the need to preserve our planet, many couples are intentionally deciding to choose sustainable options that are kinder to the Earth such as organic and fairtrade menus and eco-friendly confetti. Also with the general cost of living crisis happening across the globe, it’s time to put on your economical hats and consider things like which elements of your styling can be reused or repurposed or renting/choosing pre-loved attire.   
  • TikTok as a means of wedding planning – Yes you read that right, TikTok to plan your wedding! The social media platform has gained so much traction in the past few years and with the amount of free information available on TikTok, quite a number of couples are using it to put together their wedding. From current and former brides and grooms to be to wedding professionals, there is honestly nothing you can’t find advice about. Of course, it doesn’t beat working with a person one to one, however, TikTok is definitely a go-to for couples planning their wedding. Don’t forget to follow @primevioletevents on TikTok (yup we’re down with the cool kids!) for great advice on different wedding topics.
Sourced from Pinterest
  • Private dances – Whether at the start of the reception or at the end of the night, couples are opting to have a private dance or moment where they can soak it all in. The wedding can whizz by so quickly and many couples are stopping to take some time out by themselves to savour the day.
  • Baby’s breath alternatives – Whilst babys breath (Gypsophila) is a fantastic plant to include as a filler in your wedding florals, it’s safe to say that it’s time as the shining star of weddings might be on hold…….for now. Florists are encouraging the use of other versatile plants that often get overlooked such as wax flower, orlaya,  spirea, yarrow,  limonium (misty), Queen Anne’s lace, phlox,  genestra, and calycina.
  • Cinematic wedding movie trailers and film photography – There will be a heavy emphasis on storytelling at weddings this year and the production of movie-like wedding trailers. Many photographers and videographers are cranking up the volume this year with the level of detail they are incorporating into their craft and with careful curation, the results are a cohesive masterpiece worthy of an oscar!   

It wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include things that you’ll see less of so here’s also a quick list of things that won’t be so popular in 2023:

  • Flower walls
  • 360 booths
  • Anything minimalist or ‘simple’
  • Bouquet toss and excessively long speeches 
  • Wedding favours (the TikTok crew will definitely tell you to chuck these)
  • The traditional wedding guestbook
  • Sparkler exits
  • OTT bride party entrances

So there you have it, 2023 and its trends! From unique food and beverage presentations and private dances to maximalist wedding features and baby’s breath alternatives, you can be rest assured that weddings this year will be one of a kind. 

If you’re deciding how best to plan a purposeful and personal wedding or are looking to navigate the different supplier dynamics by asking the right questions, as your wedding planner I’ll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on to curate a wedding that looks and feels like you! If that sounds like the kind of support you need, then I’d love to hear all about the vision for your day! To take the next step to curate a memorable and meaningful wedding day, simply fill out the enquiry form so we can schedule a chat and we can get to know each other.

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