how to avoid overwhelm when planning a wedding in a pandemic


Congratulations! You’re engaged! Time to start planning the wedding of your dreams….in the middle of a pandemic! There’s no doubt that wedding planning can be quite an overwhelming experience in itself but to then throw coronavirus in the mix is basically a double whammy! A tad bit much right! Whilst it’s a lot to deal with, it’s important to remember that this is also an exciting time and you can actually still get started! Though it might seem like a weird and confusing time to plan, here are a few do’s and don’ts that will get you on top of your game and help spark wedding joy!

Don’t do nothing

Depending on where you might be located, you may be faced with ‘stay at home’ regulations or limited contact however you can still take action! Use this time to sit down with your partner to map out your marriage vision and how this can be reflected at your wedding. Make sure you’re both on the same page by deciding what really matters, what traditions you want to incorporate on the day, visualise how you want to feel and start to get organised. List out what needs doing and prioritise the most crucial tasks first. Break down tasks into small chunks that will provide you with clarity on how to proceed.

Do find out what your options are

Ask and you shall receive! Now more than ever is this time to ask questions. Firstly, find out what is legally allowed where you live and in the location you are due to get married as they may not always be the same, especially if they are two different cities/countries. Secondly, talk to potential suppliers and find out the ins and outs of what their service covers. Ask questions such as what new and existing safety processes they have in place to ensure they are COVID compliant, what insurance covers they possess plus what their policy is on postponements/cancellations and associated fees.

Don’t forget the finances! 

Budget planning is especially important right now so make sure you have a clear idea of what you can/can’t afford. Due to the fluidity of things at the moment, try hold off on any large payments but do ensure that you secure your dream team by paying any deposits for suppliers you are satisfied to proceed with, particularly if you have asked the right questions and you are comfortable with their terms and conditions.

Do have an open mind and learn to be flexible

‘Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break’. In an ideal world where this should be a season that things go to plan as expected, the truth is that the pandemic has meant you need to be realistic, flexible and have an open mind. What this means is that you’ll likely have to make some adjustments to your wedding so as to reduce the risk of the spread of the disease and also be in line with government regulations. Things to factor include social distancing measures, reduced guest numbers, spaced out seating arrangements, a weekday wedding, alternative food service options plus potential Plan B’s, C’s and so on.

Do review your guest list and don’t forget to communicate with them

Following on from the previous point, one of the most evident things to come out of this period is the need for meaningful RSVPs. That’s to say depending on how many guests you’re allowed at the physical location, it’s important to review your guest list, keeping in mind those who NEED to be in attendance on the day and those who may likely have to participate virtually. Start compiling your guest list by grouping people using a few of these useful categories: 

  • Immediate family
  • Extended family
  • Closest friends
  • Good friends
  • School friends
  • Work colleagues/Societal groups
  • Vulnerable
  • Plus ones, etc

Once you have placed people in their relevant categories, list each group in order of priority, and move forward from there. Whatever the outcome may be, Make sure to carry your guests along through the journey and keep them in the loop with any changes that occur.

Do ask for help

You may have heard the phrase ‘We’re all in this together’ and though it might sound like a cliche, it’s true. You were never meant to travel this journey by yourself and if ever there was a time to hire a planner, it would be now! The benefits of having someone who is able to move your plans forward as quickly as possible (within the ever changing guidelines), someone who can help walk you through plans A, B, C and beyond, someone who understands the emotions of what you’re going through and can relate is absolutely second to none. If you don’t happen to have a planner, harness the power of your support network and ask for help. There’s definitely strength in numbers so be sure to get them involved.

Don’t beat yourself up

Remember that you’re not alone right now. There are so many couples who have been impacted by endless rule changes, countless postponements and all the emotions that come with planning a wedding in a pandemic. Learn to be kind to yourself, do whatever it takes to stay in a strong place mentally and though it may be hard to stay positive, just remember that you will get your special day and it will be beautiful when it comes around.

We hope these points have given you more clarity on how to avoid overwhelm when planning your wedding in this pandemic and also gear you to get started on curating your special day! We encourage you to choose to shift your focus on the bigger picture as this will give you hope, fill with joy and give you something to look forward to because there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. 

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