‘The PV PROMISE are a set of seven core values that matter to my team and I and also shape the way we work. We pride ourselves in offering this positive PV experience to each and every client and with us, you can be guaranteed: 


‘The PV PROMISE is that we will treat you how you should be treated and that is always with respect. No matter how old/young, whatever race/gender you may be, we believe every person deserves the best from us in how we work & communicate with you plus in the standard of the event we deliver.


‘The PV PROMISE is that we’ll deliver your event with flawless execution. Working closely with all your suppliers and vendors, we ensure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted as well as managing any unexpected surprises on the day.


‘The PV PROMISE is that we will ensure you are always receiving a quality experience when working with us to make sure your wedding journey is memorable for all the right reasons. From offering you expert wedding advice to supporting you with sensitive decisions as well as guiding you with supplier recommendations tailored to your style and budget, we’re personally invested in telling your love story in the best way possible so you can be guaranteed value in everything we do together. 


‘The PV PROMISE is that your event with us will be one that has had a lot of creative thought put into it. We love when we get to put an imaginative new spin on clients’ events making it a unique experience that is bespoke to you. Whatever vision it is you’re looking to create, trust us to bring it to life.


‘The PV PROMISE is to manage your event with utmost attention to detail. For us, it’s the little things that make your event special which is why we strive to perfect every aspect of it, especially the things that matter most to you. So whether you’d like doves at the end of your wedding ceremony or a specific shade of pink for your birthday decor, let’s plan together!


‘The PV PROMISE is that you have fun with us and also at your event. Planning a function is serious business but we want you to be able to enjoy it too! We are a fun loving bunch and we can guarantee you’ll have a great time planning with us as our team are friendly, courteous, energetic & know how to have a good laugh! So bring along your good vibes whilst we skillfully ‘wow’ the event logistics!


Finally, ‘The PV PROMISE is that we are determined to align your event with your purpose as an individual & ours as a business. PV started because as a team, we are firm believers in our faith and we know God has placed in certain qualities (including great planning abilities!) in us that align with the purpose of our lives. For us, it is about having the vision to use our gifts to help others on the journey of their lives in alignment with their purpose. So getting married, celebrating a birthday, launching a product; it’s all a significant point in fulfilling your purpose and we are here to support you with that. It’s about building relationships that last beyond just the event but for future occasions with you and your loved ones. We’re committed to bringing people together to celebrate love & life in unity and laughter so the ‘why’ for which any event is being held is extremely important to us. Every event we plan, coordinate and style is an opportunity to make a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of those who trust us with their special occasion. PURPOSE is the centre of it all and it’s why we do what we do. It’s why we are deeply invested in each client because for us, it’s not just ‘another event’, it’s personal and it’s purposeful.