Things we do as a purpose led wedding business that just make sense


Here at Prime Violet Events, we specialise in guiding couples to bring Purpose and Vision to their Big Day in a way that suits them. This means supporting couples to deliver a successful occasion in line with what their Purpose and their Vision is. As wedding specialists, my team and I have learned that success isn’t solely measured by flawless execution but by the depth of emotions evoked and the lasting impact we leave on our couples and their loved ones which is all part of the PV Experience. Running a purpose-led business in this industry isn’t just about logistics; it’s about infusing every detail with intentionality and heart. Here’s how we approach it and the things we do that just make sense:

Proactively remind our couples to remember that they are their starting point: What does this mean you might ask? Essentially, your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple. We get our couples to think about their personal tastes and styles and what represents the two of them as a couple. It’s not about copying something just for the sake of it; it has to be there for a reason and a purpose. You will never go wrong by choosing to be original and authentic to yourselves. There’s no point having a day that looks or feels out of touch with who you are or worse still,  like someone else’s and the best way to avoid this is by starting with the two of you. Suggestions and advice are great but if you want a wedding that is a true personal reflection of you, as a couple, then you’re going to HAVE TO put yourselves first, rather than giving everyone else their version of your day.

Infuse purpose into every detail: I started PV because I’m a firm believer in my faith and I know God has placed in me certain qualities that align with my purpose in life. For me, Prime Violet Events is about having the vision to use my gifts to help others on the journey of their lives in alignment with their purpose. Beyond aesthetics, every element of a wedding holds the potential to convey a deeper message or serve a greater cause so whether it’s incorporating charitable donations instead of traditional favours or curating meaningful moments through song and dance, we strive to align every decision with our commitment to celebrating what matters most to you because PURPOSE is the centre of it all and it’s why we do what we do. It’s why we are deeply invested in each client because for us, it’s not just ‘another event’, it’s personal and it’s purposeful. 

Promote partnerships: Collaboration lies at the heart of what my team and do and we communicate that from the very beginning. We make it clear that we’re not here to take over your wedding but rather guide and support you to make the best decisions that work for you! From suppliers to venues, each partnership is an opportunity to align with like-minded individuals and businesses that share our values. We prioritse working with creatives who not only match your vision but also go above and beyond the status quo. Partnership at PV is about building relationships which last beyond just the event but future occasions with you and your loved ones. 

Set the scene in terms of how we work together:  In order to get the best from our partnerships, it’s important for me to understand how my couples like to work. Do you like strict structure? Formal professionalism? Or perhaps you like a more relaxed working relationship? Talking about life generally as much as your wedding, over a glass of wine (alcoholic or fruit)? It’s important that we are singing from the same hymn sheet so that we’re on the same wavelength and most importantly, get on! Following on from that point, I want your experience with PV to be wonderful which is why I want you to feel comfortable asking questions and as many of them as you want. The PV experience is extremely important to the team and so if there’s anything we can do or questions we can answer to put your mind at ease, please don’t hesitate to ask.  There are honestly no silly questions or any type of judgement here and working with us as your wedding specialists means you can lean on our expertise to ensure your day goes as perfectly as possible. My only caveat is that during this process, you trust us as the captain steering your ship of love!

Educate my couples on the realities of wedding investments: One of the main things we do to support couples is to help them decide what matters most to them and what their non-negotiables are. We’re advocates for couples doing their research and setting a realistic budget for each item. Part of the process also includes educating them that there will be some costs they may not have considered and if at any point they need to tweak their budget, helping them try to avoid taking it from areas that are most important to them. Do also know that the quality of most suppliers is reflected in their price and the saying “you get what you pay for” can certainly be true in most instances. 

Encourage creativity and getting couples to lean into the things that spark joy: We love it when couples get creative so when it comes to ‘traditional’ wedding features, think about your overall theme and learn to keep those elements that work. Don’t feel obliged to incorporate those that don’t fit in and be ok with creating a tradition that is unique to you. The great thing about weddings in this day and age is that they can be whatever you want them to be and can go however you want them to go. That’s the beauty of making it yours! On that note, let customisation be your good friend. Whether it’s custom vows, bespoke entertainment, personalised programs or tailored accessories, be sure to use this as an opportunity to tell your story.  Not only is customisation impactful, it’s stylish and adds a personal touch that guests will appreciate because it’s uniquely inspiring.

Live out the PV Promise: The way my team and I translate our values is in the way we talk, in our processes and how the team operates. We care about the smallest details and showcasing the things that matter the most to our couples which is why we care about enriching their lives by adding value so they have the best experience with PV. We care about understanding their needs, paying attention to the things that spark joy in them and incorporating those personal touches to make their wedding extra special. We care about showing them and their loved one’s respect, making sure they have fun and collaborating with our couples to ensure that it all comes together beautifully. 

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In the ever-evolving landscape of wedding planning, running a purpose-led business isn’t always easy. It requires dedication, creativity, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Yet, it’s also immensely rewarding, knowing that each wedding is not only a celebration of love but a testament to the power of intentionality and purpose. As a wedding planner, I’m committed to continuing this journey, crafting unforgettable moments that leave a legacy of love, joy, and meaning. If you’re intentional about crafting a wedding that reflects alignment, purpose and vision, I’d love to hear all about it HERE!

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