Here’s what you should do if you’ve just gotten engaged!


Wedding bells are ringing! First and foremost, congratulations! You’re getting hitched to your best friend and what a wonderful feeling that is! You’re probably still basking in the joy of it all so if you’re recently engaged and not sure where to start with wedding planning, here are some important things I recommend you do first:


Take time to soak it all in!

Before anything, breathe! Things can get overwhelming pretty quickly so make sure to take some time with your partner to take in what this next chapter means for you both and what marriage will mean to you.

Inform your close family / friends

Once you’ve had time to reflect, share the good news with your loved ones! Whether it’s via social media or making calls/visits, let your nearest and dearest know that there’s a wedding to plan! 

Set a budget

Have an honest discussion with your partner about how much you’d like to spend. Consider what funds are currently available, how much you can realistically start saving each month, whether parents/close relatives will be chipping in as well as who is paying for what.

Insure your rock!

I strongly advise getting your engagement ring insured just to be on the safe side and protect against any eventualities. You may also need to get it resized as well so factor that in.

Discuss dates 

Have a discussion with your partner about potential seasons or dates you’d like to get married on. Remember that weddings taking place in late spring right through to early Autumn tend to be significantly more expensive as it’s peak wedding season. Also, do you prefer to have a weekday wedding or are you set on having a weekend soiree? 


Create a mood board and think about themes, styles

Let the ideas flow! Start thinking about what truly reflects you as a couple and what your style is. Think about things like what do you both love doing,  how your friends and family would describe you, your favourite holiday destinations… Have a look at an earlier blog on how to plan a wedding that is personal and purposeful.

Start drafting a rough guest list

Having an idea of who you’ll be inviting early on gives you a good sense of how much space you’ll need in terms of venue plus how many people you’ll be catering for. Make sure to get input from your family if you’re allocating them some spaces.

Begin venue search and secure a location

Taking your theme, budget and guest size into consideration, start searching for venues that tick your boxes. Keep in mind things like accessibility, parking, overnight accommodation if required, corkage and catering policies to name a few.

Appoint your wedding party

If you’re having a bridal party, think about the people who’ll be there guiding you every step of the way. From childhood friends to your closest relatives, have a think about people you want beside you when you say “I do”. Letting them know early on helps them get prepared and also save for any costs that arise. Just to note, I always advise you to have people on your wedding party who are reliable, dependable and will show up for you because let’s face it, no one needs any extra bridal party drama during wedding planning!

Consider and review wedding insurance options

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that things can change very quickly and rather unexpectedly. Weddings are an expensive affair so getting insurance for your wedding provides that little bit more peace of mind and security in case anything happens out of the blue. 

No matter what you do, take time to enjoy this period of being engaged and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day so you don’t have to have everything figured immediately either. Just make a list of what needs to be done in order of priority and importance so that way you’re clear about what needs to be tackled first. Oh and don’t be afraid to get some help! Whether it’s from friends/family or by hiring a wedding planner, getting help with lighten the load! If you’d like to work with me on bringing your special to life, fill out an enquiry form and let’s get going!

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