Unexpected floral elements to incorporate into your wedding


Whether you’re someone who loves a rustic vibe or fancies a more contemporary chic aesthetic, there’s no doubt that florals can certainly elevate the look and feel of your Big Day. The great thing about florals is that they come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and textures making them a versatile and beautiful way to make your wedding motif come alive. In this blog, I’ve invited creative designer and superstar head florist Sophie O’Keeffe of Lilac & Wild to give us her top tips and ideas for some unexpected floral elements to incorporate into your wedding!

What’s important? 

So what do I mean by this? Firstly it’s so important for you to find your style and vibe and the whole wedding day reflects you as a couple. If you do this then you will find the planning and floral process 100% easier.

I would never suggest just using Pinterest as your whole design process. Have a look on Instagram, your venue website, and check with other booked suppliers who they would recommend. It is always good to chat with a couple of florists and find out who you think you could work best with. Remember you have to work with your florist for maybe up to 18 months before your wedding, you need to get along.

Also, just to state, no florist appreciates being shown a picture and then the following sentence “I just want it exactly like this”  Firstly, creative people can never replicate someone else’s work. Every florist interprets designs in a different way. Some florists are flower heavy, some foliage heavy, some only work with British flowers and some will only do designs if they are using eco-friendly techniques. This is why no two quotes will be the same. We absolutely love to be creative so this is where you can listen and we can help with coming up with initiative designs and creating florals for spaces you may not have realised you may need.


Okay, this may not be the most important to some couples, but a sign on an easel or stand looks great. What’s more impressive is if it has a floral design next to it or attached to it. This doesn’t have to be a big grand design but it can make a strong impression on guests the second they step into the venue of what they can expect from the day. Most couples will have a welcome sign to guide guests into the main event so why not make it a memorable experience?

When thinking about the order of the day and seating plans, think outside the box on these. They can be so much more than just a sign. You could repurpose some flowers from the ceremony for the seating plan or order of the day spaces to give it more oomph. They can also have a dual use. I’ve done wheelbarrows filled with plants and signs for tables and after the event, this has then gone home with the couple to be placed in the garden which is a lovely way to hold the memory of the day close to your heart.


We have done many different ceremony designs and what I would say is make an impact or don’t bother. Small little bunches of flowers on every other chair are easily lost and will not be memorable. Making bigger meadow aisles will have a much better impact especially as these can also be doubled up and used again (check out the cake and signage section). The same goes for having rose petals on the aisle. It’s an expensive waste and the money can be used for more statement pieces.

Also, take into consideration using the space the venue has. Do they have alcoves in the wall? Could you co some stunning designs in these? Perhaps use an existing fireplace rather than hiring an arch and having florals on it. Work with the space and don’t overcomplicate it.

Guest book/gift tables

Honestly, there is so much that can be done with these features which is why I wouldn’t get too hung up on having a boring table with a white cloth and standard guest book. Let’s be honest, half the people don’t sign it and there are so many other ways to decorate this space. 

I would suggest a photo stand, whether a DIY one with a polaroid camera for people to do their own pictures to pin up or a professional photo booth. The point is that these features can be glammed up with some amazing statement florals. The florals will be in all the pictures that you have from your day and memories will be made in these spaces. Plus it’s something different. I would also suggest an audio/phone guest book as these are amazing for leaving messages for couples to listen back on. This whole area can be designed with flowers and a phone booth. It’s totally unique and totally memorable. 

Cake flowers

So many couples do not think about this aspect enough which is a shame because it’s a great way to make an impressive and beautiful statement. Cake flowers don’t simply have to be a small cluster on the cake. Making a floral arrangement around the cake or making a meadow floral design will have the desired impact to make it a remarkable focal point within the wedding.

So above are some suggestions of items to think about within your wedding day. I know this may seem like an expensive extravagance to some but there are ways to cut items off that are totally not needed to create a budget for items that should be considered. To be clear, don’t overthink small spaces that will not have an impact on your day. Toilet flowers, bar flowers, pew ends etc. These are throw-away items that no one will remember. Make a statement, big impact designs will have people talking about your wedding flowers for years to come over lots of small and insignificant designs.

 I hope you’ve gathered lots of inspiration from this blog and are set to create a floral wonderland at your wedding. A big thanks to Sophie for these amazing suggestions and great insight. Please make sure to check out her website (lilacwild.com) and give her a follow on Instagram (@lilacandwild)! If you’ve got any topics you’d like to see covered by me or a guest blogger, send your recommendations to me via email (info@primevioletevents.com). Till next time!

Photo credit: Bamboo Dreams Photography

Floral Design: Lilac and Wild

Table Styling: Prime Violet Events

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