Emergency kit must have items you need on your Wedding Day


Getting ready for your Big Day and not quite sure what to pack in case of an emergency? Having planned weddings for several years, I know that as much as we’d love for things to go perfectly, different unexpected emergencies can pop up on the day which is why when coordinating, I never forget my trusty event day bag! The wonderful bag of goodies consists of my wedding day must haves and in this blog, I’ll be sharing a few of the favourite things I like to pack. My kit includes everything you might need plus items you haven’t thought about including hayfever tablets and floss sticks to crochet pins and bottle openers so that if any problems arise, I’ve got the solution to help fix them! I’ve categorised them into five sections so you can pick and choose which ones you include in your kit!

  •  Beauty

Hair bands
Hair pins / Bobby pins
Mini deodorant
Mini hairspray
Clear Nail Polish 
Manicure set
Earring backs
Pocket sized mirror
Eyelash glue

  •  Health

Chewing gum / Mouth spray / Mints 
Sanitary pads / tampons
Imodium and Gaviscon
Hayfever tablets
Eye Drops
Paracetamol / ibuprofen
Wet / baby wipes
Hand cream


  • Handy to have

Zip Ties 
Lighter / Long candle lighter
Lint roller
White gloves 
Double sided tape / Glue dots
Crochet pin
Bottle opener
Heel protectors
Shoe inserts

  • Organisation 

On the day timeline
Paper /  Strong Card
Charger cord (Android and iPhone)
Power bank

  • Fixing

Sewing kit
Stain removing fabric wipes
Safety pins 
Fishing wire – great if anything needs to be suspended or hung up
Boob tape


As always, I hope this list of items has been helpful and gets you through the day, whatever hiccups may arise. Please remember that minor mishaps are normal for any wedding so as long as you’re prepared and equipped, you’ll have nothing to worry about. In most cases, you’ll not end up using them but you never know who might on the day! Don’t forget to share this blog with a couple getting hitched soon!

If you’d like to speak to me about planning or coordinating your special day, I’d love to hear from you! All you have to do is send me an enquiry using the CONTACT FORM and we can talk all about your wedding details.

Photo credit: George Dickson Photography

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