Fun ways you can celebrate lockdown love on Valentine’s Day 2021


February is the month of love and of course that means Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! In 2021, depending on wherever you might be in the world, lockdown or not, you can still make the day special and celebrate love in a fun way! If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do this Valentine’s Day, here are some Prime Violet Events suggestions that will definitely get your creative juices flowing!

Discover nature

Take a romantic walk together and pick up something special from nature so you can always remember the day.

Have a treasure hunt!

Write several notes with things you love about your partner and leave them around the house for them to find during the day.



Selfie time

Say cheese! Get dressed up and glammed for a fun mini home photoshoot. Go all out with a fun backdrop to complete the look. You might want to order a bluetooth tripod online to make it easier or create a stand with boxes and set your phone on a timer. 

Self care Sunday

Order some aromatherapy oils and spa essentials for your local store, whip out a bottle of bubbly, find a calm relaxation playlist on Spotify/Youtube/Apple music and treat your partner to a chilled out spa experience.


Create a love fort

Arrange some of your favourite nibbles and treats on a charcuterie board and set up an indoor picnic in your indoor fort of love.

Arts and crafts

Get creative and crafty by making a fun scrapbook of your relationship that you can always look back on. You can include old travel tickets, pictures, memorable items, whatever sparks joy!



Movie marathon

Set your phone on do not disturb and binge on all your favourite movies or series! Don’t forget the popcorn!
Dance the night away
Create a playlist and put on your dancing shoes so that you can dance the night away.
Winner takes all
Unleash your inner child and have fun by spending time together playing your best games. 
Cook along
Spend the day making a special three course meal together that you can enjoy later during a candlelight dinner. It can be a new recipe or something old. Why not even include a signature cocktail too!



If you’re not living together or not in a support bubble with each other and can’t visit, you can try these one of these virtual ideas:

  • Have both you and your partners favourite takeaway meals delivered and enjoy a romantic meal over Zoom
  • Have a Netflix watch party
  • Send them a care package of postal bakes
  • Book an online cooking class you can both join

So there you go! Even though it may look slightly different this year, here are lots of fun ways you can show your partner love in lockdown this Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to dampen the romance as you can still enjoy a heart warming day full of fun and create some super memories! Let us know which ones you’ll be trying out by taking a picture and tagging us on Instagram! Wishing you a love filled and truly Happy Valentine’s Day!

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