Seeing your friend marry the love of their life is exciting and here at Prime Violet Events, we know that’s kind of a big deal! It is such an honour being asked to be a bridesmaid and it’s one of the most rewarding and enjoyable roles you can be asked to do. As a wedding planner, I meet quite a lot of bridesmaids all with different personalities and strengths. I also know that bridesmaid duties can come with some unanticipated aspects too so here are some things you definitely need to know before the Big Day:

  • Be ready for the costs – It can be expensive! Costs include bridesmaid dresses, second dresses (if the bride calls for one), hair, make-up, shoes, hotel, bridal shower, hen do, gifts, basically a lot! However, don’t fret. If you have a thoughtful bride, they should have factored in at least one bridesmaid cost into their budget.
  • Be prepared to work – Part of your role is doing everything you can to reduce the bride’s levels of stress (before the wedding is just as important as on the day). A bride will always appreciate anything you can do to help with that. If the bride delegates you a task, do it! If you can’t meet their timeline communicate that with them. Don’t say you’ll do something and not as this may cause you to lose credit in the friend bank.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan – As a bridesmaid your time is split between meet ups, dress fittings and a whole load of activities. Schedule these things into your diary as this is a busy time for you so it’s vital that you do not overbook yourself. Make sure not to get overwhelmed either. If you cannot make something, it is not the end of the world. 
  • Be on time and be on form – If the couple have given you timings on when you need to be ready, where you need to be, what you need to, please respect their wishes. There’s nothing more annoying than bridesmaids being responsible for the late running of the day. The bride and groom have often paid out a lot of money for their big day so don’t be the reason they miss out on certain things during the day.
  • Stay Calm and Be Joyful – At the end of the day, as a bridesmaid you, are celebrating love. Let that be what keeps you going. If things don’t go to plan, help to find a solution, not exaggerate it further.

I hope these tips have been helpful and shed more light on what it takes to be a bridesmaid and to all the future bridesmaids out there, good luck! For brides, we offer a bespoke Bridal Tribe Guide which is designed with the couple and provides all the details for the wedding including timings, locations, look inspirations, pricing, and much more! Visit the Contact us page for details on how to get in touch and find out how you can incorporate this into your special day.

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