Lead Event Planner

Who am I: Hiya! My name is Tutu, aka Tutytootz or Madam PV! I call myself a Britigerian (British Nigerian), I have a background in Communications, Engagement and Marketing, particularly in the Health and Social Care sector and I LOVE to party! I live by a personal motto of leaving people better off than when I first met them which translates into having a positive impact in all I do.

My qualities: I am an advocate for unity and the joy of togetherness. It’s such a pleasure being able to help people actualise their event ideas and watching it all come together is a dream! I am a collaborative team player which means I take the initiative when required and can get things going whilst carrying people along with me. I am a diligent person with an optimistic outlook who has an eye for detail and can remain grounded in tense conditions.

What event planning means to me: I started PV because I’m a firm believer in my faith and I know God has placed in me certain qualities that align with my purpose in life. For me, Prime Violet Events is about having the vision to use my gifts of organisation, relationship building, creativity, people management, communication and engagement to help others on the journey of their lives, in harmony with their purpose as well as mine. So to me, getting married, celebrating a birthday, launching a product, throwing a baby or bridal shower; it’s all a significant point in fulfilling your purpose. It’s about building relationships that last beyond the just the event but for future occasions with you and your loved ones. PV is a growing business and as such we are trying to discover the best way of working that fits what our purpose and vision is. This means we’re learning, growing and ensuring that our team reflects this in how we operate and who we take on board. Being part of PV for me is about the experience and making an impact in the lives of others.

Interesting facts about me: I don’t like red velvet cake, I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2007 and I planned my own 500+ guest wedding… in less than 6months!


Event Coordinator

Who am I: God’s very own daughter which is the literal meaning of my name. When I’m not coordinating events, I’m busy as my church’s choir director because I love love love to sing! I’m also a chartered Physiotherapist.

What event planning means to me: It is thoroughly rewarding to help to bring people’s desires for their special occasions to life. Seeing everything come together in real time is my absolute favourite moment. I also love putting smiles on people’s faces and the adventure that each event brings.

Get to know me: I really love sappy romcoms and Disney movies! One of my favourite things to eat is garri, ice cubes and water with fried plantain on the side with or without groundnut (if you know, you know!)


Event Coordinator

My hobbies include: All things socialising from eating out, activities and attending Nigerian weddings.

In my day job: I'm a Mental Health programme coordinator

Event planning to me is: Taking into consideration every aspect of the process from start to finish and ensuring that even the tiniest of mishaps can be taken care of. I’m learning day by day that every event is different, but a great attitude makes all the difference. I love team work and great organisation!

Fun fact: Many people don’t know that in another life, I would have loved to be a performer. If I could sing or act, I would have been a star


Event Coordinator

What matters to me: I adore my family and love people. I believe it is important to show your beloved ones that you cherish them. I always seek to ensure I am available to support family and friends because when they are content, so am I. I strongly believe in supporting one another to build our dreams; there is a magnificent blessing in doing this. I always aim to treat others the way I would want to be treated.

What event planning means to me: I have an abundant list of reasons why I love being an event coordinator. The role involves variety as no two events are the same. I also get to meet different people all the time which I really enjoy. I love everything about events from the initial planning stage, to the coordination of pre-event logistics to seeing everything finally come together. Planning events gives me an opportunity to express my creativity and event coordination puts joy in my heart. For me, I see an event come to life and it’s like a massive dim light bulb automatically becomes so bright!

Get to know me: I am a blessed mother to a phenomenal little Prince and one of my past times is formulating hair and body lotions. When I am not in the lab (I am a Chemist by day), I love to read, watch movies, cook and bake, go to the theatre, travel, take walks and spend time with family and friends.